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Today, I will be sharing two words that have kept me going strong this year. I’ll be talking about ‘Back Yourself’. As simple as these two words sound, they’ve remained elusive for so many of us. ‘Back Yourself’ means believing and trusting yourself. It's having your own back and making a bet on yourself to win. It’s being able to dismiss the niggling self-doubts, and having faith in your capacity to solve life challenges as they come along.

The ability to back yourself, confront, conquer, and act in spite of fear is one of the secrets to financial success. To be successful, you mustn’t allow self-doubt to hold you down. You mustn't allow the opinion of others to hold you down. This new month, I challenge you to trust that you have all the resources you need within you to handle your financial challenges. You can make more money, you can start that new business, you can get that promotion, you can do more and be more. Then next month, REPEAT!

Don’t wait until you have it all figured out. Rather, trust yourself that you’ll figure things out as you go along. One step at a time. One day at a time. And if needed, one minute at a time. Backing yourself can be awkward and uncomfortable. Some moves may feel like you’re leaving yourself open to criticism. Other moves may feel like you’re blowing your own trumpet. But irrespective of the feeling, never forget that you're capable of far more than you think or imagine. Backing yourself is essential for living a life of purpose. If you don’t back yourself, no one will!

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Oyenike Adetoye

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Oyenike Adetoye (aka Nike) is an impactful speaker, author, and personal finance expert. A Chartered Management Accountant by profession. Nike is the founder and CEO of LifTED Finance, a private financial firm that educates, coaches and supports people on their journey through financial fitness and wealth management.