Learn More To Earn More!


I cannot tell you how many times in my personal life I have run short on funds. What has helped me survive seasons of insufficient cash flow is the focus of my discussion today. We will be looking at the topic: “Learn More To Earn More”.

Whether you realise it or not, you are in a position to earn more income than you are presently making. People who are making huge sums of money are not better than you, and neither are they more special than you. However, they do know a few things that you don’t know; the additional knowledge they possess is what makes them earn more money than you. When you crack this non-secret code that an increase in learning brings an increase in earning, your income level will significantly increase. In order to earn more than you presently make, you must learn some things that you don’t currently know.

Those who consistently succeed are those who are best at learning new skills. Successful people don't just fall into riches. Many credits their success to investing in themselves. They acknowledge that they have learned specific skill sets along their life journey that have positioned them above the mere average and helped them become the best version of themselves. They then reinforce their learned skills to solve problems or to provide services that people are willing to pay for.

Every great innovation we've seen has not necessarily been because the inventor or entrepreneur had a great idea. It's because they saw an opportunity in the market, identified a problem, and were uniquely positioned to use their skill sets to solve that problem. You too can significantly increase your value, income, and net worth by cultivating a habit of continuous learning and the acquisition of new skills that are specifically tailored to problem-solving. There is no limit to the amount of money you can earn when you combine your skills and knowledge in creating value for others.

What have you done lately to upgrade yourself? In other words, what have you done to improve your skills and abilities? What are the needs of potential customers around you? How can you tailor your skill sets to meet those needs? What problems do potential customers around you have? How can you tailor your skill sets to solve those problems? “The best investment you can make is in yourself. The more you learn, the more you earn.” - Warren Buffett.

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Oyenike Adetoye

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Oyenike Adetoye (aka Nike) is an impactful speaker, author and personal finance expert. A Chartered Management Accountant by profession. Nike is the founder and CEO of LifTED Finance, a private financial firm that educates, coaches and supports people on their journey through financial fitness and wealth management.