I recently came across a powerful tweet by @shl on Twitter. The wording of the tweet is the focus of this month’s newsletter: ‘DON’T SELF-REJECT’. Here is my amended version of the tweet:

  • Don't think you deserve the job? Apply for it anyways.
  • Don't think your article or book is good enough? Publish it anyways.
  • Don't think you will get the job promotion? Apply for it anyways.
  • Don't think you will get the pay raise? Ask for it anyways.
  • Don't think the mortgage application will be approved? Apply for it anyways.
  • Don't think they will reply to your email? Send it anyways.
  • Don't self-reject.

Do any of the above lines resonate with you? If there is any force that can keep you away from achieving your financial goals and dreams, it is self-rejection. It's hard enough dealing with external resistance and the negative opinions of others, but a different kind of challenge arises when the push-back comes from within. When you self-reject, you constantly tell yourself “no” - not because you are setting healthy boundaries, but because you don't believe in yourself.

When you self-reject, you dwell more than usual on your failures and flaws. You start thinking you aren’t cut out for financial success. You convince yourself you aren’t worthy of pursuing certain opportunities or achieving specific goals. You decide to quit or avoid trying at all. You attribute success to other people, never imagining that something good could happen to you. This thought pattern begins a vicious cycle of self-rejection. You eventually become your own worst bully.

Today, I want you to see yourself through a different lens. What you truly believe about yourself determines who you become. Never let self-rejection hold you down from fulfilling purpose. In case no one has ever told you, I am here to tell you that you are AMAZING, you are INCREDIBLE, you are AWESOME, and you are GOOD ENOUGH. You are good enough to embark on that awesome path that will lead to financial freedom. You are good enough to start that business venture. You are good enough and worthy of that pay raise. You are good enough and deserving of financial success.

Put yourself in a rejection “war zone” as often as possible and face your fears. This is how the military trains soldiers to endure endless drills and combat situations. This training conditions them to control their emotions and become immune to fear in battle. You too can condition yourself to gain obstacle immunity against self-rejection. Instead of avoiding uncomfortable situations, go for them and seek them out. If you need help, go get some help. You can learn to take responsibility for your own feelings. You can learn to disrupt and neutralise the anxiety that comes right before any obstacle. You can learn to stop self-rejection!

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Oyenike Adetoye

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