Unstoppable Courage


Many people believe that courage is something you’re born with. And yes, there are some people who are born braver than others. But, the majority of us have to learn and build courage as we go along our life's journey.

I define unstoppable courage as the ability to do something that frightens and scares you. I see it as an act of bravery; the quality of mind that enables you to face difficulty, danger, pain, challenges, etc without fear. Courage doesn't mean you don't get afraid, it means you don't let fear stop you. You are afraid, but you do it anyway - that's what the ‘unstoppable’ in front of the word courage implies.

This year, many of us have followed through trails of challenges. Some challenges have taken us to our deepest fears, but the courageous few have learnt to face every fear and pushed through it (learning along the way). Personally, I've pushed many boundaries this year; I've believed in myself, taken risks, pushed myself out of my comfort zone, invested in myself, and met all my set goals. With unstoppable courage, I've realised that I have a hidden strength to do some things I never imagined I could do.

In your personal finance, I encourage you to embrace unstoppable courage. The courage I’m talking about starts with letting go of shame and past money mistakes. It involves speaking up and not being afraid to have the money talk in your relationship. It’s about reaching out and asking for help when it comes to financial situations you don’t understand. It’s about taking a leap of faith to start that new business. It’s about working on your goals today without putting it off until tomorrow. It’s about self-growth, self-development, taking risks and venturing into areas of finance you’ve always feared.

Unstoppable courage trumps all. Enough of dreaming, enough of wishful thinking, this is action time. Courage, combined with action, will-power, and momentum is the perfect catalyst you need to win in your finances.

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Oyenike Adetoye

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Oyenike Adetoye (aka Nike) is an impactful speaker, author and personal finance expert. A Chartered Management Accountant by profession. Nike is the founder and CEO of LifTED Finance, a private financial firm that educates, coaches and supports people on their journey through financial fitness and wealth management.